Calm sea, and slowly flowing island time.
Enjoy your own little sauna.

「meri Kosagi-jima」is an Estonian-style sauna and is available only with a reservation.
「meri」 means 「sea」 in Estonian.
Towarding Seto Inland Sea, enjoy the view and release your mind with an authentic Estonian sauna.
We hope you can take a relaxing time on the island.



A small remote island in Seto Inland Sea

Kosaki-jima is a small island located in the Seto Inland Sea,about 2.7 km south of the center of Mihara,Hiroshima Prefecture, with a population of 4 people. It is said to be "the closest island to the superexpress station in Japan" because it takes no more than 20 minutes from JR Mihara Station,where the superexpress stops,by land and ferryboat. "meri Kosagi-jima" offers visitors an extraordinary experience with the island's natural environment, its lifestyle,and the daily scenery.

Revitalize your mind and body in Estonian-style sauna

A well-designed HUUM stove from Estonia is installed here in「meri Kosagi-jima」.Stones are also made by HUUM which are durable and have high heat capacity. In the sauna room, you can 「Löyly」by yourselves and enjoy the mild and long-lasting steam.The authentic Nordic sauna at a low-temperature (about 65°C) ,which differs from a closed and high-temperature sauna, will bring you an unforgettable experience.This is the first official sauna facility in Japan recognized by HUUM.
You can enjoy a healthy and spiritual balance along with the environment here.After taking a shower,repeat hot sauna,and cold plunge until the body is completely relaxed.「meri Kosai-jima」 is for mix gender use with swimsuits.
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Aiming for sustainable Island's regeneration

Kosagi-jima was a beautiful island of citrus, but has been encroached by bamboo forests and has become desolate.
「meri Kosagi-jima」uses bamboo as fuel for stoves. We try to turn the negative points of the island into a kind of local resources and improve the island's environment, as well as to create contents for extensive tourism.
With the participation of islanders,we are aiming to improve the socioeconomic sustainability of the remote island by proper management and utilization of bamboo forests.

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