sauna meri dish

Kosagi terrace

Right in front of the pier at the port is the "Kosaki Terrace," a space for communicating, dining, and events for islanders and visitors. Food and drinks will be served to all sauna users at this spacious wooden deck where you can feel the breeze outside.

(* Depending on the weather and other reasons, the "YADO NAVEL no GAKKOU" where the reception desk is located may be used.)

<Sauna dish>

4 types of sauna dish using specially selected local ingredients.

・Hokkaido Azuma Genghis Khan(lamb grilled on a hot plate)

・Deep-fried Shinmei chiken thighs soaked in Setouchi seawater

・Setouchi hanburgers

・Hiroshima deep-fried oysters soup curry